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Fusion Peel

Blog: Life with the Stevens: Skin-Peel.com Review

"I didn't expect my face to look different, but there were no visible changes my first time using this product. However, my face was really soft. I normally have dry skin, and I think the Fusion Peel "trimmed" that layer to leave smooth skin behind. I'm hoping after a few more treatments, I start to see the changes in my coloration and see a more even skin tone!"

Blog: The "Everything" Blog!!!!!!: I'm Back!!

"My skin is a bit pink but man is it clear!!! I mean super tight and shiny which I love!! It looks fresh and bright!! I actually look well rested - :) I really like the results - I have not really flaked at all"

Gylcolic 50%

Blog: The Queen of Creams: Review: Med Peel Glycolic 50% Medium Strength Peel Kit – Thumbs Up

"My skin is looking good and feeling nice and soft today."

Blog: Rockville - Gaithersburg : Macaroni Kid

"I had both in my bathroom and quickly decided to jump right in and give myself a peel. It was SO quick and easy and I can say that I got just a good results doing the peel myself."

Gylcolic 30%

Blog: More 4 Mom's Buck: Rejunvenate your skin with products from Skin-Peel.com

"Overall, I looked refreshed when the process was finished. I was pleased with the results and will continue to work the glycolic acid peel into my beauty routine. "

Blog: Hanging Off The Wire: Skin-Peel Review

"I admit, I was a little nervous at first. I mean, come on, I was putting chemicals on my face! But it was easy to use, and it went smoothly! Pun intended! Ha. I went to bed last night feeling like a teenager with awesome smooth new skin."

Salicylic 10%

Blog: I found a solution to my adult acne ~ Skin-Peel Review

"I would not only recommend this, or other skin-peel products, but will definitely be purchasing some more when this supply runs out. It's the best thing I have found. No lie. "

Blog: Choose Your Hype: Skin-peel.com Review (Giveaway soon!)

"I was surprised on how easy the application was. I was also surprised how soft and smooth my skin felt afterwards. I also just want to say that the people are amazing at Skin-peel.com Their customer service seems to be top priority. They answer your questions and even help you choose the best product for your skin type."

Blog: ♥Enjoy Country Living♥: Skin Peel product review

"Enjoy Country Living said…This was actually very gentle on my face."

Blog: Discovering The Me in Mommy: Skin-Peel.com Review

"The Salicylic 10% Acid Peel did exactly what it was supposed to do, and I enjoyed the fresh and clean feeling and noticed more clarity in my skin."

TCA Peel

Blog: Skin-Peel.com Product Review « Two Cutepeas in a Pod

"Skin-Peel.com sent me the The Superficial TCA Peel to review.I have sooo wanted to try a skin peel for years. At first I was kind of scared to apply this to my face because I do have Rosacea, but I have applied it to the fine lines around my eyes and the frown lines on my forehead and I am seeing some results (happily I might say). "