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Peel Accessories

MedPeelís peel accessories will help you to achieve the best results from your peel and are necessary for after-peel care.

Our daily exfoliators will help to maximize the effects of your peel by using them daily one week prior to applying the peel as well as between peels to maintain results.

Rebuild & Replenish
Hyaluronic acid plays an important role in the peel process by promoting increased collagen and elastin production for more firm, plump skin with a radiant glow. Hyaluronic is also soothing to healing skin, and helps reduce tightness and may be applied throughout the day as needed (yes, even over makeup!).

During the peel process, as dead skin peels away and new skin is revealed, it is very important to protect that new skin with an SPF at all times to prevent sun damage. New skin is also likely to have increased sensitivity to UV rays. To keep your skin protected from the sun, wear SPF 30+ daily!